Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Finest in Nerd Dubsteps

2011 was the year dubstep went mainstream, whether you thought it was the new rock or a bad trend. Here's a hand-picked selection of some of the choice tracks for nerds.

There's a difference between a tried and true remix and a Youtube video leading into some wobble bass. Thankfully Ephixa knows this and has crafted an EP of some excellent Legend of Zelda mixes.

Ephixa also put together a nice tribute track to the docile-but-deadly turrets from the Portal franchise that isn't strictly a remix but bears a listen;

For a more traditional remix, check out the Only Dubstep Remix of the classic "Still Alive."

Of course it doesn't get much nerdier than actual video game soundtracks, and throwing in the arguable king of dubstep Skrillex on your soundtrack to your successful fighting game franchise reboot can't hurt.

We close out the video game portion of our tour with the meme everyone loves to hate, courtesy of Rameses B.

But wait there's more! Here's Neo Geo's reworking of the classic X-Files theme with just a touch more bass.

Finally, the Flight of the Conchords classic about when there's not enough ladies, too many men, courtesy of Balboa and NZDubstep. Jump to :55 for the bass drop.

If you or your loved one know of any other good dubstep tracks/remixes with a nerd angle to them, let me know!

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