Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Case To Do Away With Issue Numbering in Comics

It's time that comic book numbering become a thing of the past. I realize it's heretical to suggest the end of one of the longest running traditions in comics. Comic book sequential numbering should be a way to keep comics in a reading order and mark publishing milestones. But now, at best it's a way to boost sales, and at worst it's completely arbitrary and pointless.

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  1. "What if The New 52 didn't mean a bunch of new #1's and literally just a new publishing direction? Or if reboots just meant a new publishing push with new creative teams, and no renumbering?"

    Well, then DC wouldn't be able to pull this big marketing stunt and get the medias attention. Instead it would have been like any other event with not much attention given outside of the comic industry. But, you go and tell a bunch of people Superman is starting over, you are going to get people curious. Unfortunately, the numbering system is what gets peoples attention outside of the industry but at the same time it's a double edge sword. Having 500+ issues turns people off, yet, without out that 500 you can't celebrate the 500TH ISSUE!!!!

    I like your idea, but I don't think either of the big two would adopt it.