Friday, February 3, 2012

The Finest in Nerd Dubsteps: Part 2

Here's more of the finest dubstep remixes the internet has to offer nerd culture, curated by yours truly. Strap on your ear goggles!

As before, I scoured the internet to find six remixes of songs that hold some meaning to nerd culture. I've presented them here in one easy-to-find post, with links back to the remixer if possible. So get ready for some wobble bass, nerds.

The 80's classic film franchise Ghostbusters is remembered for its humor, slimy green ghosts, and the soundtrack. While I couldn't find a remix of Bobby Brown's seminal "On Our Own," I did find this killer remix of the classic theme song. It retains the feel of the original and throws in some soundclips without getting too cheesy.
GhostDubsters VIP NR01 RmX by NR01

Speaking of awesome theme remixes, this Catalyst remix of The Office theme is not just a good remix, it's a good track. There's some serious wobble under those familiar refrains and a heavy drop worth noticing. Download link after the jump.

Bobby C Sound TV's version of the bass battle from Scott Pilgrim VS. The World is so awesome, director Edgar Wright even blogged about it. So of course I had to give it some space on my own humble blog.

This next track is a relic from the mid-90's, when everybody noticed that gangsta/hardcore rap wasn't going away, and even those who would never be considered as such had to act somewhat hard to stay relevant (like when MC Hammer dropped the "MC" and just became Hammer). Needless to say, "Boom! Shake The Room" is the kind of track only a true nerd is going to remember.
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake The Room (Kanji Kinetic Refix) by Kanji Kinetic

Thanks to a certain car commercial, even my Dad has now heard MC Chris. However, he also finds MC Chris extremely annoying. If someone you love has a similar opinion, play this remix and make it worse. They might remember it as the commercial jingle, until the heavy wobbles kick in. Thanks for the bass, Eo3.

Finally, in what might be the perfect storm of nerd dubstep remixes, I present Flexstyle's remix of the Weird Al modern classic, "White and Nerdy," in the style of "Rollin' Dirty." Imagine dropping this at your next D'n'D session or comic convention after-party. EPIC. It pulls off being super heavy without a huge drop. Not too many dubstep tracks anywhere can pull that off.
Weird Al - White and Nerdy (Flexstyle Dubstep Remix) by Flexstyle

It's actually extremely hard and time-consuming to sift through pages of Google Searches, Soundcloud pages and YouTube playlists to find good dubstep, so any future posts might not be strictly dubstep. However, if you find an awesome remix or have one cooking in the lap yourself, let me know!

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