Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finest in Nerd Dubsteps Part 3

Once again, here's some more handpicked dubstep remixes of tunes nerds will know and love, with all the bass to rattle your sad laptop speakers.

I crawled the internet to find the best dubstep remixes out there for us geeks, no easy feat. There's a lot of "remixes" out there that are mostly some wavy bass under someone's poorly encoded Youtube video. This post and the previous two installments should help you on your way to some quality drops.

First up: what time is it? DUBSTEP TIME! The delightful "Adventure Time" is probably my favorite show on TV currently, and a favorite of yours as well I bet. The show is quirky, random and full of great musical interludes. All of which leads it to some great remixes like this one of baby Flynn singing about punching your buns; it's dubstep your kids will like (download link here).

Rio De Janeiro's own Santana Gomes provides a dubstep remix of the iconic Indiana Jones theme that ventures off into its own wobbles, but comes back to play with the source material, as all good remixes like this should.

You remember that tinkly little piano riff that made up the theme to all those "Harry Potter" movies, right? Terabyte Frenzy does, and turned that boy wizard into the boy who dubbed. Frenzy adds his own keyboard riffs and a squealing rendition of that melody you can bang your wand to. I bet J.K. Rowling would. If you dig this track, check out Terabyte Frenzy on iTunes and Soundcloud.

You're reading a proclaimed "geeky blog," so you probably like memes. Not many more stand out in recent memory like Bed Intruder, the Auto-tune the News clip that about cracked the internet in half. DJ Wick-It took that remix and remixed it to meet all your heavy wobble bass needs. Hide yo kids, hide yo headphones.

Daft Punk's score to Diney's Tron Legacy wasn't exactly the new album from the duo fans are waiting for, but it made for some excellent background music to light bike fights. The remix album Tron Legacy Reconfigured brought some more dancefloor friendly beats, but sadly no dubstep. Thankfully plenty of others have stepped up to help (Good job, internet).
Aelian's dubstep of Derezzed (the main "single" from the soundtrack) gives a huge bass drop while retaining the original synth riffs, and also does what I've heard few dub tracks do; it picks up the pace towards the end and becomes a certified banger. Hope to hear more from this guy.

For a bonus, also consider Smith Comma John's Free Bytes remix of the same track. John's huge bass overpowers the tune he's remixing at times and does its own thing. He brings the original back before the end though, so you can still bob your head like you're on The Grid.

There's your round of nerdy dubstep remixes for now, please share with your friends if you like, either with the buttons below or by blasting these mixes loud as you can. It's okay.

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