Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SpringCon '12: The Man from D.U.C.K., Don Rosa

Don Rosa is a Harvey nominated, Eisner winning artist and writer of such properties as Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck for Disney. Rosa, a lifelong fan, once touted he was the only one who could follow legendary creator Carl Barks on Scrooge. Midwest Comic Book Association brought him to SpringCon 2012 at the Minneapolis State Fairgrounds to speak to the crowds.

Rosa took his seat at the Q&A panel, wearing glasses with round frames resembling Uncle Scrooge's monocle, saying, "ask me one question and I'll talk so long, you'll tell me to shut up!" Thankfully no one actually cut him off while he went on at length about getting his inspiration from his older sister's hoard of Carl Banks' Donald Duck comics, growing up to draw his own Donald Duck comics for his high school friends and fan 'zines. This would serve him later when his "three friends" formed Gladstone Publishing and received the Disney license, "the biggest license in the world that nobody wanted." He wrote Gladstone a letter saying it was his "manifest destiny" to write and draw at least one Uncle Scrooge story, which became the Harvey-nominated "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck."

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